[Libreoffice] New credits page up (and linked from TDF)

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Nov 4 07:29:18 PDT 2010

> Indeed - I'm not sure that the numbers are clean enough, pwrt. releng
> commits, and loosing history left & right to make the charts -that-
> meaningful. I see they are back on the page now; can we loose them
> again ? :-)

which charts? ;-)

I cannot comment about data cleanliness. But unless we lost history they
should reflect reality pretty nicely. Anyway, I'll save that one for my
private blog :).

> What would be super-nice, would be if we could have a patch a little
> like the Help->License info one - cf. sfx2/source/appl/appserv.cxx -
> that would load a nice ODF document containing the output of your work -
> so that we cna ship that with the binaries, and make it available
> off-line too, as a snapshot of that version.

That would be nice, but it won't be me that creates that patch :). Let
me know if you need the data in xml,csv,json or whatever format though
to include it.

> 	Is that something you'd be interested in
I'm afraid I won't probably be able to do that but I'm willing to assist
whoever wants to work on that. I'll put it up as an easy hack.


P.S. I made the blurb in the beginning to read more politically correct
as not not pretend that these people all defected to LO. Wording
improvements welcome.

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