[Libreoffice] Minutes technical group call

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Nov 11 06:01:50 PST 2010

Thanks to Thorsten for taking the minutes, of the call last Thursday:

Attending: Thorsten, Norbert, Fridrich, Caolan, Kendy, Rene, Petr, Andre, Michael

* BrOffice branding
	+ NSIS not designed for run-time pluggable branding, needs
	  hacking on NSIS - not possible for Beta3, scheduled for RC
		+ Kendy optimistic wrt. NSIS hacking, Fridrich less so.
	+ Rene - concerned wrt. start-center per-lang switching
		+ Michael - the code is pushed & working
		+ Petr - just pushed the updated/split BrOffice
		  branding, so start-center should work too
	+ naming of broffice...exe downloadable
		+ can achieve with a symlink - Petr
		+ avoid at all costs per-language installers - Michael
			+ excessive build / mirror / delay problems

* Mechtilde's migration issue
	+ misc. code simplification and 3.0 migration enabled - Michael
	+ UI will miss 3.3 - but general idea is great: will improve
	  robustness on failed migrations as well
AA:		+ Michael working on it

* on-line Help download
	+ in extremis can have a link on the wiki, to offer help download
	+ are tooltips in help - Caolan ?
		+ yeah, extended tooltips are in help
		+ these are helpful one or two sentences of
		  what it's doing. internally the description
		  is in the help files - Andre
		+ loosing it acceptable, if no crashes - Andre
AA:	+ work ongoing

* Win32 size reduction status
	+ how much do we loose ?
	+ did we take the English help out ?
AA:		+ still building - Fridrich

* L10n
	+ additional libreoffice strings, waiting for string freeze, get PO
	  files, then you translate this. need a date.
	+ some teams have asked to update the sdf files - in theory Andre
	  has commit access, but at the moment not able to build sdf files,
	  such that they are similar to the ones in the repo. Andre is
	  referring to the big ones inside l10n module. don't know what
	  templates have been used there - cannot build an sdf file that's
	  similar to the ones from OOo
		+ need to grok existing tooling (Fridrich / Petr)
	+ 4 south african langs, by friedel wolf and dwaine - five langs.
	  Could be manageable, but would need to live with a huge diff. 
	  - l10n has huge diffs anyway - let's not be too worried
AA:	+ Petr to review / merge / approve
	+ diff size not a huge issue - we get rid of sdf files post 3.3
	+ we will keep the history in another repo & start over (Kendy)

* comprehensive credits
	+ great work from Sebastian
	+ we should ship as a .doc, just like the license file
AA:		+ Thorsten to add menu entry

* The Roberto Gallopini blog:
	+ if we follow what he proposes, we don't move anywhere
AA:	+ need to address the FUD (Norbert to interact)

* QA processes
  - Andre - Sophie is doing stuff, some people at the German team,
    setting up test cases
  - for release testing, we can do the stuff in the wiki
  - we need more detailed bug reporting and tracking 
  - Norbert: if someone found a bug - is it critical? how can I get
    at the list of bugs, if I have spare cycles, how can I get the
    criticial bugs?
  - Andre: track urgent bugs
  - Michael: thus far not submitted our blockers as bugs to save time,
    but we should fix that going forward.
  - Andre: teach people to submit bugs, and then treat it with the
    right priority. Sophie should be able to do that. We have people
    that can submit bugs, and can assess how important the bug is
  - Kendy: set up separate meeting for QA people
  - Andre: will find a set of people, then let's have a meeting

* Tinderbox bits
	* tinderbox on other platform than Linux? - Norbert ?
	* Fridrich: yeah, plan to have one on Win32
		* Norbert: can we have a feature branch built by a tinderbox?
	* Kendy: please look into the tinbuild script - should be easily
	* Norbert: I really want this for win32
	* Fridrich: have a machine from Laurent, for win32. Make two users,
	  one running tinderbox, one running buildbot - should be possible to
	  make on-demand builds there
	* Norbert may be able to offer a mac tinderbox, does bisection work?
	* Kendy: kinda - you have to guess which repo it may be
	* Norbert: but then, the build may break, because of other dirs have
	   wrong code then?
	* Kendy: I kept building locally, that avoids the problem (mostly)

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