[Libreoffice] Fw: [discuss] adding my company's label templates to OO

Eric Teng eric at felabel.com.sg
Tue Nov 16 23:37:43 PST 2010

hi christian,

haha i suppose you have been spammed a couple of times *disclaimer* only 
send you email once.

anyways, i do not fully understand what you mean but i will read the blog to 
explore. thanks and will get back to you.

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> Hi Eric, *,
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 10:26 PM, Eric Teng <eric at felabel.com.sg> wrote:
>>>> Ill like to know how to add label templates to libreoffice . we are a
>>>> labels supplier located in singapore.
> [snip]
> You seem to have a problem with your mailer or with your patience :-)
> To add your labels, create appropriate additions to the Labels.xcu
> file. The scheme used for that file is defined in Labels.xcs
> Quote: "Contains the measurement data of the label concatenated by a
> colon (;) in the following order: 'C' or 'S';Horizontal
> Distance;Vertical Distance;Width;Height;Left margin;Upper
> margin;Columns;Rows" while 'C' marks a continuous label and 'S' marks
> a sheet."
> You can also create an extension with those additions, that way you
> can add the labels also to versions of LO or OOo or Oracle Open Office
> or other variants that don't have the fix in the code.
> To do that, you only need to put the added parts of the labels.xcu
> into an extension. Step-by-step instructions on how to build such an
> extension:
> http://blogs.sun.com/kkoll/entry/using_extensions_to_change_openoffice
> So once you added the corresponding data for the labels, feel free to
> provide a patch (or even better the extension)
> ciao
> Christian 

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