[Libreoffice] installation and package for Linux SYS distro sucessful

werner w.landgraf at ru.ru
Fri Nov 19 03:04:56 PST 2010

I reclaimed about problems with the installer.  Meanwhile, 
after many  work by hand, I get it installed (the most 
complete installation I got, was with 'make install', not 
with 'bin/ooinstall').  The build program needs to be 
improved very.

libreoffice runs nice on my computer, appearently without 
problems, even the quickstart program too, and the program 
opens fast.

I dont get it compiled with the --with-lang option, 
because of the error what I reclaimed earlier today. So I 
currently have it only in english.  The installer should 
have the possibility to compile each module (each .tar.bz2 
source file) separately, specially language packages.

I made a .tgz package, for the SYS distro, what very 
likely runs also on Slackware etc.   Currently its 
rsync-ing to the mirror 

With this, the distro changed from Oo to libO.

I hope now, that you bring forward good libO .

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