[Libreoffice] installation and package for Linux SYS distro sucessful

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Nov 19 03:25:38 PST 2010

On Fri, 19 Nov 2010 07:04:56 -0400, werner wrote:
> I reclaimed about problems with the installer.  Meanwhile, 
> after many  work by hand, I get it installed (the most 
> complete installation I got, was with 'make install', not 
> with 'bin/ooinstall').  The build program needs to be 
> improved very.

Glad to see you managed to install it finally. We will be the first to
agree that the current build/make install system is far from
optimal. But it has grown for 10 years as part of OpenOffice.org and
although we would like to change it to something more standard rather
today than tomorrow, it is an incredibly huge and intertangled mess of
code which is not easy to change.

We welcome any help to get the build system sane, but as I said, it is
not easy and cannot be fixed within a day.

> libreoffice runs nice on my computer, appearently without 
> problems, even the quickstart program too, and the program 
> opens fast.

Good that it seems to work for you.
> I dont get it compiled with the --with-lang option, 
> because of the error what I reclaimed earlier today. So I 
> currently have it only in english.  The installer should 
> have the possibility to compile each module (each .tar.bz2 
> source file) separately, specially language packages.

Yes, it should. AFAIK, and I am no expert in packaging, debian at least
manages to get independent language .deb packages, so it must be
possible already today.
> I made a .tgz package, for the SYS distro, what very 
> likely runs also on Slackware etc.   Currently its 
> rsync-ing to the mirror 
>  ftp://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/install/sys

Great to see libO spreading.
> With this, the distro changed from Oo to libO.

> I hope now, that you bring forward good libO .

We'l do our best. But it is >10m lines of code and changes are not easy.

Help is always welcome
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