[Libreoffice] quick starter applet/systray defaults and various confusion

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Fri Nov 19 07:37:59 PST 2010

There is something of a mess going on at the moment I think.


If you look at desktop/source/app/app.cxx see

If there is no ~/.libreoffice dir, then on first start we register the
extensions, this triggers a restart of the app.

Simply because there is no explict -noquickstart then the quickstarter
is launched. Once the quickstarter is launched it will reappear on every
login because there we're passing "true, true" to the quickstarter, i.e.
"start now", "always start next time"

Now, disable the quickstarter, shutdown LO and

rm -rf ~/.libreoffice/3/user/extensions/bundled to emulate adding a new
bundled extension.

and launch LO again, the quickstarter should reappear, i.e. even though
it was disabled I believe adding a new extension to LO and being forced
to restart LO will reenable it.

b) If you launch LO, enable the quickstarter and it appears in the
systray. Now exit the quickstarter and exit LO, restart LO, and no entry
in the systray. Logout, login, and ta-da its back.

So, I reckon that:

1) DeRestartActionsIfNecessary at a minimum should only *show* the
quickstarter, not set it to restart next time. i.e. single argument
"true" case, not "true, true". Which is what InitializeQuickStartMode
2) DeRestartActionsIfNecessary is actually bogus, and its an attempt to
fix (b) for the specific restart-after-updated-extensions case, but
doesn't address the normal case. And even with 1 will display the
quickstarter applet regardless of your settings if you happen to add a
new extension.
3) We should probably instead modify InitializeQuickStartMode to
effectively || Sfx::ShutdownIcon::GetAutostart() with the IsQuickStart
command line argument so that "b" gets fixed.

If we were to do all through, the first thing people would notice is
that the quickstart applet/systray would appear to change from defaulted
on to defaulted off. So on a fresh install, do we want the systray
quickstarter to be enabled or disabled by default ?


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