[Libreoffice] quick starter applet/systray defaults and various confusion

Andrew rugby471 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 08:19:02 PST 2010

On 19/11/10 15:37, Caolán McNamara wrote:
> There is something of a mess going on at the moment I think.
> a)
> If you look at desktop/source/app/app.cxx see
> DoRestartActionsIfNecessary
> If there is no ~/.libreoffice dir, then on first start we register the
> extensions, this triggers a restart of the app.
> Simply because there is no explict -noquickstart then the quickstarter
> is launched. Once the quickstarter is launched it will reappear on every
> login because there we're passing "true, true" to the quickstarter, i.e.
> "start now", "always start next time"
> Now, disable the quickstarter, shutdown LO and
> rm -rf ~/.libreoffice/3/user/extensions/bundled to emulate adding a new
> bundled extension.
> and launch LO again, the quickstarter should reappear, i.e. even though
> it was disabled I believe adding a new extension to LO and being forced
> to restart LO will reenable it.
> b) If you launch LO, enable the quickstarter and it appears in the
> systray. Now exit the quickstarter and exit LO, restart LO, and no entry
> in the systray. Logout, login, and ta-da its back.
> So, I reckon that:
> 1) DeRestartActionsIfNecessary at a minimum should only *show* the
> quickstarter, not set it to restart next time. i.e. single argument
> "true" case, not "true, true". Which is what InitializeQuickStartMode
> does.
> 2) DeRestartActionsIfNecessary is actually bogus, and its an attempt to
> fix (b) for the specific restart-after-updated-extensions case, but
> doesn't address the normal case. And even with 1 will display the
> quickstarter applet regardless of your settings if you happen to add a
> new extension.
> 3) We should probably instead modify InitializeQuickStartMode to
> effectively || Sfx::ShutdownIcon::GetAutostart() with the IsQuickStart
> command line argument so that "b" gets fixed.
> If we were to do all through, the first thing people would notice is
> that the quickstart applet/systray would appear to change from defaulted
> on to defaulted off. So on a fresh install, do we want the systray
> quickstarter to be enabled or disabled by default ?

Disabled by default, don't be intrusive by default :)


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