[Libreoffice] Building problem, sc/source/ui/src/optdlg.src gives syntax error

Joost Eekhoorn joost.eekhoorn at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 22:16:45 PST 2010



I am trying to make again, but it fails on


I did remove the unxlngx6.pro in the sc, and did the build there locally and
it gave:

Making:    ui.srs

f4101: "optdlg.src", line 118: Warning in the object (Type: FixedLine):
Resources without name are ignored.

f640: "optdlg.src", line 118: Error: syntax error
f256: Error: !! 1 Error found!!
Error starting rsc2 compiler
dmake:  Error code 1, while making '../../../unxlngx6.pro/srs/ui.srs'


The problem I had on the previous build:
I had a good build and did an install, but the I could not run the program
with ./soffice.bin. It could not found soffice.bin.bin.
(I did make soffice.bin.bin copy and then it could not find

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