[Libreoffice] Building problem, sc/source/ui/src/optdlg.src gives syntax error

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Sun Nov 21 22:34:43 PST 2010

At 1:16am -0500 Mon, 22 Nov 2010, Joost Eekhoorn wrote:

Will have to let someone else respond to problem 1, but I believe 
problem 2 to be fairly simple to solve:

> The problem I had on the previous build: I had a good build and did
> an install, but the I could not run the program with ./soffice.bin.
> It could not found soffice.bin.bin.  (I did make soffice.bin.bin
> copy and then it could not find soffice.bin.bin.bin)

I believe you don't have to install, but you can use dev-install:

$ make
  # LO builds, taking seemingly forever.

$ make dev-install
  # should place a developer installation in ./install/program

$ cd install/program
$ ./soffice    # Note: that's a shell script, not the .bin file.

That should run LO.

The script runs soffice.bin after setting up some necessary prerequisites.

Does that help?


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