[Libreoffice] Discuss "Easy_Hacks: Remove Sheet From File"?

Joe Smith jes at martnet.com
Mon Nov 22 10:45:06 PST 2010

Kohei Yoshida <kyoshida at ...> writes:

> ... I'd really really like to see it implemented in
> a less confusing fashion.
> The current implementation just re-uses the same dialog from the Insert
> - Sheet... menu, with some default values filled.  But you can still
> switch back to "New Sheet" radio button which inserts sheets from the
> internal document.  I am not an UX expert (obviously) but to me that
> doesn't look like a proper way of interaction.  If the user has already
> indicated that she wants to include a sheet from an external file, why
> still provide an option to include from the same document?

No argument from me that the current state is a confusing hack--it just happens
to be a useful hack ;-) Surely, having to go through more clicks to get the same
job done will not be any less confusing, right?

There is some further nastiness in the current Insert > Sheet dialog when used
to import text data. Once you've chosen the file and configured the import
options, you come back to the "Insert Sheet" dialog, where it looks like you can
perhaps enter a name for the new sheet. However, the "New Sheet" and "From File"
paths are in fact mutually exclusive and if you select "New Sheet" to enter a
sheet name, you lose the text import you just configured. Oops ;-)

There is an RFE open for this:

I'm sure most people use File > Open to get at their text data because that's
what they know already; this option presents a safer approach, which deserves to
be as easy as possible to use.

There should be some data from the Improvement Program on how often this item is
used, no?

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