[Libreoffice] HC Cleanup

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Mon Nov 22 19:18:25 PST 2010

While creating the HC Icon set, could you look into the following?

	cropmarkers.png			-  2d icons for cropping
	cropmarkers2.png		- 3d icons for cropping
	cropmarkersACC.png		- HC icons for cropping

	markers.png				- 2d icons for markers
	markers2.png			- 3d icons for markers
	markersACC.png			- HC icons for markers

The ACC versions will need to be copied in the 2d & 3d version in the HC set. I've removed the code referring to the ACC versions.


Just to confuse people, I changed the Auto-Detect HC mode option to change the default theme to the High Contrast one. Yes, I know that when changing the OS back to a normal theme, I don't change LibO back to the old theme (we currently don't have a place to store the option).

I changed the Windows Only code to match this behavior; however, I don't have access to a Windows build system so the change is 1) un-tested & 2) theoretically correct. Any testing would be great.


It should now be save to remove all the HC versions of the icons from all sets and start packaging the HC set as it's own theme.


Joe P.

PS: I believe I've removed all the code dealing with loading HC version of Icons. If no-one objects, I'll remove the task from the Easy-Hacks page.

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