[Libreoffice] Discuss& amp; quot; Easy_Hacks: Remove Sheet From File& amp; quot; ?

Kohei Yoshida kyoshida at novell.com
Wed Nov 24 08:02:46 PST 2010

Hi Joe,

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 04:43 +0000, Joe Smith wrote:
> Joe Smith <jes at ...> writes:
> > ...
> > If anyone is interested, I can throw out some thoughts, but I'm not enough of a
> > UI designer to propose any concrete solution.
> Actually, after looking closely at the Insert > Sheet dialog, I do have a
> proposal. I just don't know if it's hard/easy/practical or not.
> There is really very little overlap in the tasks [insert new sheet(s)] and
> [insert sheet(s) from file]; why not make them separate pathways instead of
> awkwardly stretching the poor Insert > Sheet dialog to handle both?
> Insert > Sheet would just allow to insert new sheets.
> Insert > Sheet From File would work just like Insert > File works in Draw: first
> a file browser opens, then, if the chosen source file is a document with
> multiple sheets/pages/tables, you get a window to select which one(s) you want.
> If the source is a text file, you get the Text Import dialog.
> In either case, clicking OK completes the task and inserts the new sheet(s).
> The only other options are "Link" and "Position." Link could be offered from the
> file browser (as is already common); Position could be left out. The user could
> rearrange the sheets afterward. The majority of uses will be to insert only a
> single sheet and that will be easy to move as needed.
> This would entirely avoid the odd dual-mode dialog and extra steps.

Great suggestion.  I've CC'ed Christoph so that he is notified of your
proposal.  I personally agree with splitting the two (internal sheet and
external sheet insertion), and perhaps incorporating the latter into the
External Data insertion functionality as Christoph suggested.

> Excel 2003 already does this. Insert > Sheet immediately inserts one sheet
> before the current sheet. Data > Import External Data handles text import and
> linking to a web URL. Insert from an external workbook has to be done by File >
> Open, then copy/paste.

and Excel 2010 completely do away with this !?  I don't see any mention
of inserting sheets in the UI of Excel 2010, or I'm just lost in this
brand-new world of Ribbon UI.

Or maybe Excel 2010 no longer has this in the menu since it now has this
quick sheet insertion button at the bottom (as LibO does).


Kohei Yoshida, LibreOffice hacker, Calc
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