[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Basic Currency Issues #i31001# to #i107277#

Noel Power nopower at novell.com
Tue Nov 30 03:26:25 PST 2010

sending again ( whilst attempting to preserve the threading this time )
On Tue, 2010-11-30 at 01:35 -0800, John LeMoyne Castle wrote:
> OOo Basic has had issues with its fixed point Currency type for a long
> I think the Basic Currency type deficiencies create a bar to adoption
in the
> minds of business users.  
> Nothing says 'run away' like mangling the money numbers. 
Agreed !! and thanks for looking at this
> Currency is presently implemented with a 64bit struct of 2 Int32s and
> math is done by the tools/bigint class. 
> The attached patches replace the code to implement the Currency type
with an
> ISO C99 compiler supported 64 bit integer. 
> In fact, the 64 bit int was already a member of the Sbx core data
> Main patch makes 1/2 kLOC reduction in sbx.
yeah, so you will have to give me some time to look at this ( not really
familar with the Currently type ) and I need to somehow filter out the
whitespace changes too ( probably I can regenerate the patch to do
that. )


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