[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Basic Currency Issues #i31001# to #i107277#

John LeMoyne Castle jlc at mail2lee.com
Tue Nov 30 04:09:15 PST 2010

Hi Noel, 
Sorry about the whitespace problem.  Is it because I cleaned up the header
formatting? I would regenerate the patch but I don't understand clearly what
the whitespace problem is.  Please let me know what I did wrong.

There are at least two more iz issues - they are in the primary commit
header: 54049, 91121, 
There are also others closed as dups that may have more test cases.  Look at
any op with operands near or results just above (2^31)/10000 or 2^31.  There
are a few 100k of examples in the test sheets for Beta3 in CurTestODS.ods. 

The CurTestODS.ods will allow you to throw any numbers you like at the
currency type by placing them on the CurTestMeta sheet.   I wrote the tester
because the iz examples were not all reproducible but there were still
obvious similar problems with the type but of unknown extent and character. 
Try the Demo test which is in CurTestMeta sheet and so it will be done if
you run CurTestRunAll in the tester ods.

One can place their own input sets in CurTestMeta: use the OneCol[Square]
IB/TB tags for N^2 pairs or give a list of pairs with TwoCol tags on IB and
TB [Input Block and Test Block] or just hack the existing tests to try other
Can hack the test program to set OnlyPrintError = False and see all the test
results good, bad and overflow  - the test runs slower that way.
The CurTestRunAll program always does the tests on CurTestMeta and writes to
the CurTestResults sheet.  
You need a CurTestResults sheet and it can be helpful to manually clear the
results sheet between tests. 

For others who want to try the testing or just look at the test results in
the sheet and are unsure how:
1) Download, unpack and open the ods
2) If you do not have macros enabled then do that in Options-Security and
re-open the sheet.  
3) Alt-F11 opens the organizer - choose CurTestODS - Standard - CurrencyTest 
 - CurTestRunAll and Run to Run it. 
 - or CurTestRunAll and Edit then use F5 to run when the cursor is at file
scope or in CurTestRunAll (at the top of the file).

-- LeMoyne
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