[Libreoffice] x68_64 Darwin Patch

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Tue Oct 5 06:40:24 PDT 2010

On Mon, Oct 04, 2010 at 08:44:08PM -0700, Joseph Powers wrote:
> {
>          print "Setting values for Mac OS X/Darwin on x86... ";
>          $outfile        = "MacOSXX86Env.Set"; 
>          $CPU            = "I";
>          $CPUNAME        = "INTEL";
>          $OUTPATH        = "unxmacxi";
> }

which imho is broken, sorry. (Unless you make it build 32bit binaries).
Unless you do something special I think it'll create 64bit binaries...

Actually this works too well. It's placing a -cpu i386 on everything (I'm assuming that because Mac supports two CPUs, they placed -cpu on everything already)... For Macs this should be something like i686 since we don't have i386 Macs.

> I believe that we might need to change it to something like the following if we ever want to support a 64bit build on Mac:
> {
>          print "Setting values for Mac OS X/Darwin on x86... ";
>          $outfile        = "MacOSXX86_64Env.Set"; 
>          $CPU            = "X";
>          $CPUNAME        = "X86_64";
>          $OUTPATH        = "unxmacxx";
> }


> However, I don't think the rest of the build system would handle that very well.

Yeah, I guess you need adaptions here and there as well (e.g. in solenv and
stuff checking for $OS and $CPUNAME.

64bit Aqua only runs on 10.5+ and management wants to keep the build 10.4 friendly (plus I just want to get anything built and running now).



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