[Libreoffice] Some more features...

Kohei Yoshida kyoshida at novell.com
Tue Oct 5 06:45:47 PDT 2010

Hi there,

I'd like to give you guys a quick summary of some additional features
I've ported yesterday.  They are

* Insert new sheet icon.  This change adds a 'plus' icon at the right 
  end of the sheet tabs to allow quick insertion of new sheets.  
* Quick insertion of current date and time into current cell, via 
  command.  With this change, you can insert current date or time via 
  a single key stroke.  They are bound by default to Ctrl-';' 
  (semicolon) to Ctrl-Shift-';', respectively.

Aside from that, the patches I've ported are related to performance
enhancement of ODS and Excel file imports, and simple bug fixes.  Expect
more performance enhancement patches to get migrated since I still have
more patches to be ported in this area.



Kohei Yoshida, LibreOffice hacker, Calc
<kyoshida at novell.com>

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