[Libreoffice] Translation plans for LO-3.3 and future

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Oct 7 04:15:42 PDT 2010


first, we are really happy to hear that so many people would want to
help with translating LibreOffice.

We will use a temporary process for 3.3 and something better for the
next releases.

Proposed process for LibreOffice-3.3:

	+ we are going to regularly merge ooo330-mX, so we will get
          translation for most strings from OOo-3.3 sources

	+ the libreoffice-specific strings are listed in
          libreoffice/build/po/lo-build.pot, see

          Some of the strings are already translated in the 
          libreoffice/build/po/lo-build-<lang>.po files, see

          Please, help us to have 100% translated strings in the
          lo-<lang>.po files

	  You might send your changes to this mailing list and someone
          with a commit access will push them to the git.

          Of course, you might also ask for commit access. Though, I
          am not sure if it is worth for this temporary process.

          Note that you might ignore libreoffice/build/po/<lang>.po
          files. They are used for desktop integration by some Linux
          distributions. They are not important for LibreOffice.
          They will most likely get removed soon.

	+ if you want to fix a string that is not in lo-build.pot,
          you might create a reduced .sdf file and we will put it
          as a hotfix into libreoffice/build/src/sdf

          It is a bit inconvenient but it is only for LO-3.3 release.

          Let us know if you have troubles to create the sdf file. We
          will try to help you with it. Personally, I would try to base
          it on the existing .sdf file in the l10n source module, see
Plans for the future:

	+ we would like to setup a pootle server and allow to translate
          all LibreOffice strings at the same place a convenient way
	+ the strings will be extracted from the pootle server and
          used for the regular test builds

Schedule for LibreOffice-3.3:

	+ libreoffice/build/po/lo-build.pot and lo-build-<lanf>.po
          have been just updated, so they follow the current state
          => please, start with contributing

	+ string freeze will be at the end of October; I expect only
          very few new strings; nobody should add any huge feature at
          this stage

        + final release date is a bit unclear; My estimation is December
          but I am not the one who would decide ;-)

Any hints how to improve the processes are welcome.

André, please fix me if any information above is wrong or if you suggest
any improvement. You are much bigger expert here. I just try to solve
the technical problems... :-)

Best Regards,

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