[Libreoffice] Mac OS X Build

Eric Hoch eric_openoffice at gmx.de
Thu Oct 7 22:35:38 PDT 2010

Hi Joseph, 
Am Thu, 7 Oct 2010 21:33:01 -0700 schrieb Joseph Powers:
> On my 10.6.4 machine, I had to install the following to get things to build:
> autoconf		2.68
> automake	1.11.1
> coreutils		8.5
> gettext
> git
> glib			2.26.0
> gmp		5.0.1
> libIDL		0.8.14
> libiconv		1.13.1	- I was having some issues with the base one not 
> be recognized as GNU
> libidn		1.19
> libxml2		2.7.7	- Not sure why configure didn't find the base one 
> (maybe because it's in Framework which is mac only)
> libxslt		1.1.26
> m4			1.4.15
> pkg-config	0.25
> wget		1.12
> I wouldn't worry too much about the "gcp" issue.

In this case yes :-) I didn't know that there are so many libs and 
binaries needed at the moment. I just remember that the last time I 
build a pre OOo 3.2.0 I was able to checkout the sources and build 
it without ccache being the only additional software I installed. 

Looking at this list now it reminds me of the building the X11 OOo 
on the mac :-)

Is this because of a new build process that LibO uses compared to 
the one OOo uses? 

Plus, I wonder were all the cleanup work done by Christian Lohmaier 
is gone. He did a great job in making OOo build on an 
out-of-the-box with XCode installed. 

Btw: Are there any up to date build instructions for Mac OS X? I 
only found Linux instructions or can I use them on the mac as 

> On a side note, I now hate MacPorts. I'm using a MacPro and 
> installing -i386 fails on about half of the above installs. 
> -x86_64 fails on about half (and if you don't include it, this is 
> the default). The +universal option again fails on about half of 
> them.

OK, I'm only on a 32bit machine and therefore I never had to deal 
with those flags. 

Btw does your build run on 32bit machines as well? I remember that 
the project working on the "native VLC" for Mac OS X adopted 64bit 
but during this process lost the ability to run their builds on 
32bit machines. 

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