[Libreoffice] [testscripts] Guidance and project management

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Mon Oct 11 05:33:18 PDT 2010

someone at boldandbusted.com wrote:
> Howdy. I was asked to post a message here to kick off a discussion of
> test script coordination. I'm volunteering to help with them because a)
> it's simple, and b) I'm simple.
> I know shell, as you can see from the add-modelines script I just
> submitted, and I'm told that StarBASIC is "as easy", and that's what
> (some? all?) of the test scripts are written in. So add me to the list
> of folks on the "testscripts" team, please.
> What I'd like to see is some way to coordinate work surrounding the test
> scripts:
> * A wiki page with best practices, local custom, etc.
> * A status board (what is failing where, and what test scripts are born
> bad and need some discipline)
> * A list of info about the team of folks on the "test scripts" team (is
> this QA?), who is active and who is inactive.
> * Pretty graphs and charts. Freenode IRC bot for queries?
> * Some statistics. (Maybe use R?)
> * A section of bugzilla (or whatever bug tracker we're using) for
> [testscript]-ers.
Let me Cc Andre, who's been doing testtool QA since ages - Andre,
should we have the test script discussion here, and have Mechtilde,
Per, etc. join too?

-- Thorsten
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