[Libreoffice] Improvement Ideas

Jeff Seibert jeff.seibert08 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 08:45:59 PDT 2010

Hello Everyone,
    I am currently a junior physics major, and over the years I have been
required to preform multiply regression analysis for my lab reports.  I have
been forced to use Microsoft office on a computer at school to accomplish
these analysis's.  I feel that Libre Office could improve itself by adding
some features for scientists.  I have some friends that would use Open
office, or Libre Office, but there are some key features missing like
regression analysis, shortcut keys, and being able to but error on a graph
properly.  There may be a few that I have forgetten, or am not aware of.  I
know that I can do these things using gnumeric, but i would be helpful to be
able to do all of these things with one office sutie.

Thank you for the consideration

Jeff Seibert
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