[Libreoffice] Changing patches

Thomas Klausner wiz at NetBSD.org
Mon Oct 18 08:43:45 PDT 2010


One of the issues I see is in SampleICC, where Vetters.cpp includes
<errno.h> on Solaris and <sys/errno.h> on all other non-Windows.

On NetBSD, it also needs to include errno.h to compile. I could add an
#if NetBSD to the Solaris case, but I don't think that sys/errno.h is
standardized and thus prefer to make it include <errno.h> on all
non-Windows platforms instead. What do you think?

The next question is how to change this, since the sys/errno.h include
gets added by one of the patches coming with LO. You probably already
have a tried-and-true workflow for this, what is it? :)


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