[Libreoffice] Address Books

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Wed Oct 20 06:09:03 PDT 2010

It looks like someone already connected Base to Apple's Address Book (no bonus points for me)

On my mac, I can't get the Mozilla Address Book driver to work.
1. Preferences -> LibreOffice Base -> Connections shows that com.sun.star.comp.sdbc.MozabDriver is installed.
2. Trying to open the abook.mab file as an existing database fails (it doesn't recognize the file as being a database).
3. The connect to an existing database drop down doesn't include the Moz Driver.

I'm working on trying to isolate all the Moz Driver code out of the seamonkey source so it can be build with seamonkey disabled. I'd also like to update the code something a little more modern like v2ish of seamonkey (I'm going to look into Thunderbird's code and see if it uses seamonkey's address book code).

Also, does anyone know of any documentation on how the connectors work? (libs-core -> connectivity -> source -> drivers) 

Any pointers on any of the above would be nice.

Joe P.

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