[Libreoffice] vos removal: looking for windows and MacOS build-tester

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Fri Oct 22 15:41:08 PDT 2010

 On 22/10/10 01:11, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> Hi,
> I've pushed an updated version of the feature/vos-removal branch
> At this point vos is no more, and I build and 'smoketest' successfully
> in rawbuild on Linux x86_64
> I'm looking for volonteer to build it and to basic test on it on other
> platforms. (note Linux welcome too, it won't hurt to have another
> flavor of Linux tested )
> Howto:
> in your root git:
> git pull -r && ./bin/g pull -r
> git checkout -b vos origin/feature/vos-removal && ./bin/g checkout -b
> vos origin/feature/vos-removal
> cd rawbuild
> ./autogen.sh  ..... (applicable parameter for your platform.. the usual stuff)
> make
> if you have a build failure, the usual source xxxx.Env.sh; cd
> <problematic_module> ; build 2>&1 | tee problematic_module.log
> and post the problematic_module.log
> if the make is successful, try
> cd test
> build
> deliver -link
> cd ../smoketestoo_install
> build
> if everything goes right you should see near the end 'OK(1)'
> Bonus Point:
> I had to do a lot of rewriting in the adabas driver to kick vos out,
> if someone has the ability to muscle up that driver that would be
> great....
> Cleanup:
> When you are done. to get rid of the vos branch do, from the root repo
> git checkout master && ./bin/g checkout master
> git branch -D vos && ./bin/g branch -D vos
> Thanks.
On my system (gentoo) the autogen crashes with "rpm not found"

checking for javac... /usr/bin/javac
checking for javadoc... /usr/bin/javadoc
configure: WARNING: JAVA_HOME was not explicitly informed with
--with-jdk-home. the configure script
configure: WARNING: attempted to find JAVA_HOME automatically, but
apparently it failed
configure: WARNING: in case JAVA_HOME is incorrectly set, some projects
with not be built correctly
checking for jawt lib name... -ljawt
checking whether to enable gcj aot compilation... no
checking for dmake... no
dmake will be built on ./bootstrap
checking whether to enable EPM for packing... yes
checking for epm... no
EPM will be built.
checking which package format to use... rpm
checking for rpm... configure: error: not found

at which point it bombs back to the command line.

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