[Libreoffice] Installing LibreOffice extensions

Constantin Makshin cmakshin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 11:52:25 PDT 2010

On Monday 25 October 2010 16:12:22 Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> > I think it'd be nice to allow the user choose what extensions [s]he wants to 
> > install
> But isn't that the case already? Aren't the individual extensions de-selectable if one chooses the "custom" installation?
In the version I tried (LibreOffice Beta 1) there was only one extensions-related item in the "custom" installation. So the choice was to install either all "default" extensions or no extensions at all.

What's even more interesting is that when I launched the [un]installer in "change installed components" mode that item was deselected... Either that was an illusion or the installer installed those extensions without providing any way of disabling them. And LO's extension manager didn't allow any actions (such as "disable" or "remove") on those extensions, too.

Anyway, I wouldn't ask about choosing individual extensions if the feature had been already there. ;)

> Sure, I guess it could be argued that we should have a clever custom action that would pre-de-select them in case there is no JRE on the machine. Or the other way around, that they would be by default de-selected, and a custom action would pre-select them in case a JRE is present.
> Should then also Base be pre-de-selected if no JRE is present?  (Or pre-selected only if a JRE is present?)
> >  adding special [warning] notice to JRE-dependent ones.
> Maybe, yes, especially if there is no JRE. On the other hand, end-users tend to ignore warning dialogs anyway, and just click away. If at all possible, we should have it "just work" in the best way possible in a default (non-custom) kind of installation.
If a user ignores a warning dialog, that's his or her problem.
But I meant a notice shown in the installation components' description area of the installer, not a dialog. So when the user selects a JRE-dependent component and reads its description, [s]he can see that the components needs JRE to work [properly].

Anyway, I think it's better to have a bit more complicated [custom] installation than error messages on application startup.

> --tml

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