[Libreoffice] Minor translation, commented code removal

Andrea Pescetti pescetti at openoffice.org
Mon Oct 25 13:21:27 PDT 2010

Michael Meeks wrote:
> The Document Foundation (as/when it exists) being your
> 'proxy' for future versions ?

Even though I'm not personally involved, this seems to be an interesting
suggestion, although as Kevin noticed it could become similar to
copyright assignments/agreements - which have been refused by The
Document Foundation since day one, but are not inherently bad in my
opinion: see my early comments at

> I still tend to
> (for all its faults) think that a plus license has some real strengths
> for future re-licensing.

Well, in the current situation LibreOffice will have to use LGPL3 until
it has got rid of the OpenOffice.org code, which is not feasible nor
desirable for the time being. Unless of course Oracle change their
mind... But I guess this discussion would quickly outgrow the legal
considerations one is allowed to make on a developers' mailing list!

Best regards,
  Andrea Pescetti.

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