[Libreoffice] Image Compression Patch

Andrew C. E. Dent ace_dent at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 27 04:08:18 PDT 2010

Hi Michael> Ah ! ;-) out of interest, how many of these do we have still ?From a quick count, only ~150 or so... (!)> IMHO it is a nonsense to distribute them. I would prefer to have a> single "missing icon" icon, and a fallback path in the image loader> (vcl/source/gdi/impimage*) that would load those icons when the target> is missing (and preferably log to the console ;-).Sounds like an excellent plan. A few years back I started the task of stripping out HC icons, but thissometimes caused crashes as the fall back mechanism (currently just leaves a blank), doesn't always work... This is a code task that I don't currently have time for, but would make a good Easy Hack wiki addition.Cheers,Andrew 		 	   		  
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