[Libreoffice] Cleanup [PATCH][PUSHED] Re: [PATCH 2/4] Translate german comments

Martin Kepplinger martinkepplinger at eml.cc
Fri Apr 1 04:56:34 PDT 2011

Am 01.04.2011 09:22, schrieb Tor Lillqvist:
> Thanks for the translations, and thanks for pushing! A few notes:
>> /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------
-    Beschreibung: Uebernahme der aktualisierten Werte aus dem Set
>> +    Description: acquisition of the updates values from the set 
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------*/
> I think that while editing comments like these we want to cut down
> the excessive ASCII graphics, too. Or do we? Also, the word
> "Description:" here is pointless, what else are comments if not
> descriptive?
> I am not sure if there is any consensus here, but personally, if I
> edit a comment that is formatted like that, at the same time I drop
> the ASCII graphics and end up with simply:
> // Acquisition of the updates values from the set
> Thus saving two lines of vertical space, a very scarce resource.

That would be more efficient indeed. But I'll save that for a later
task. I really focused on translating _only_ here. There are tons of
those ASCII graphics that I could clean up seperately "in one go" when I
get to it.

>> +        // Orientation and Size from PageItem +        // set left
>> and right border +    // evaluate header-attributes
> Just nitpicking, but do try to avoid German capitalization of Nouns
> and overuse of hyphenized-words. Use consistent capitalization of the
> first word of a comment that isn't a complete sentence, either always
> just lower case or always initial capital. (Comments that are one or
> several complete sentences should always be properly capitalized.)
Thanks for bringing that up! I should have been more consistent and want
to be from now on. I cleaned up what I could find and the already
_pushed_ changes are attached below.

>> ------------------------------------------------------ 
>> /*------------------------------------------------------------------------
> More ASCII graphics that can be removed, and the " PRIVATE METHODES"
> should either be lowercased and its spelling corrected (no e in
> methods). Or just dropped, why would this source file need such a
> comment telling that private methods follow? Is it even true?
>> +    Description: ctor +    Description:  static data +
>> Description:	Now as TabPage + Description:	Initialisation
> Fairly useless comments.  I would just remove them. Constructors are
> recognizable by their signature, static data is also obvious, "Now as
> TabPage" doesn't really tell much without knowledge of the history of
> the code anyway, and it is very obvious that a method called "Init"
> does initialisation.

I'll think about doing that seperately as well. Thanks for the advice. I
really appreciate them!

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