[Libreoffice] component_writeInfo bits ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Apr 1 14:47:26 PDT 2011

Hi there,

	I just finished the audit of component_writeInfo usage - which (it
seems) is the sign of bit-rotted code (for built-in components at

	I was interested in the plugins / extensions that we bundle: eg. the
sdext/ stuff etc. I assume that (since we have to support old
extensions) that we still can read the nasty, legacy binary .rdb file
format. Bjoern - any idea if we can do better by using XML to describe
these guys though:


	all of which seem to have writeInfo stuff, and no .component files
around. Interestingly, the report designer does have .component files
so ... perhaps this is just a bug.

	Lubos - I couldn't quickly work out what is going on with:


	which has a component_writeInfo - but is one of three directories all
doing kde file picker stuff; thoughts appreciated.

	Tor - no idea if you have some ideas wrt:


	is that stuff compiled ? if so, does it need a .component file to
register it ? and/or what is the story there :-)

	Then there were these testtools/ objects - I wonder if these are
intended to be some sort of external extensions or something:


	Any general thoughts there also appreciated :-)

	Apart from that, I rid us of a number of bogus / obsolete
component_writeInfo methods that were malingering around the place - but
failed to cleanup all the (doubtless also now non-functioning) workben



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