[Libreoffice] Autogen.sh pb with junit

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 2 23:36:45 PDT 2011


Since 2 days, i've been got this pb when I call ./autogen.sh :
checking for JUnit 4... no
configure: error: cannot find JUnit 4 jar; please install one in the default
location (/usr/share/java), specify its pathname via
--with-junit=..., or disable it via --without-junit

On my config, the following lines (line 7662 to l 7664):
         if test -e /usr/share/java/hamcrest-core.jar; then

seem the cause of this problem.

Because of the hamcrest lines, line 7671-7672 (junit detection) :
    "$JAVA_HOME/bin/jar" tf "$OOO_JUNIT_JAR" 2>&5 | \
         grep org/junit/Before.class > /dev/null 2>&5
can't work.

So for the moment, i put the hamcrest lines in comment but I'd like to 
understand how the hamcrest lines could work or what is the problem with 
my config.


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