[Libreoffice] [Patch] Python 3 compatibility for build tools + unicode support for filters

Andreas Becker atayoohoo at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 4 09:42:03 PDT 2011

>       Pushed ! :-) excited to see what is next; can we switch to an
> python 3.0 ? [ no doubt it will break an extension or two that is
> written in old-style python, but ... perhaps we should do that what do
> you think ? ].

Not yet, because the whole pyuno depends on python 2 and there are hundreds
python 2 *.py files. I can compile pyuno with python 3 without errors now,
but the
code not ready (quick and dirty hack). I think at the end, we can support
2.5 up to python 3.x with some #if directives.

       Andreas - it would be great to get a patch to kill the java config
> fragment merging tool, and use this python one un-conditionally instead.
>        Should be just a matter of hacking:
>        filter/source/config/fragments/makefile.mk
>        And binning the FCFGMerge.jar compilation / source code etc.
>        Any chance you could look at that as an easy-hack-alike ? :-)
I will do that at first.

It can take some time because I have also other things to do, but I will
work on it.

--Andreas Becker
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