[Libreoffice] [partial PATCH] Easy hack: expunge duplicate enumerations in vcl

Christina Roßmanith ChrRossmanith at web.de
Tue Apr 5 12:01:49 PDT 2011


to see if I'm walking into the right direction I've replaced 
psp::width::type with FontWidth and removed some methods ToFontWidth() 
which aren't needed anymore. After that vcl compiles fine for me. But it 
tells me that KDE is disabled (who did that?), so this part isn't 
checked by the compiler.

If someone could please review this patch. If it is fine I'll go on. 
Would you recommend a huge push at the end of this work or one for each 
removed enum?


Am 05.04.2011 11:57, schrieb Caolán McNamara:
> On Mon, 2011-04-04 at 23:18 +0200, Christina Roßmanith wrote:
>> As far as I understand the description, psp::width::UC shall be
>> removed. But shall the enum from sft.hxx or from vclenum.hxx be kept?
>> 60:40 for vclenum.hxx I would guess.
> Yeah, the psprint stuff used to live somewhere else, so the enum was
> added there and the mapping stuff to allow that build to work, psprint
> got folded into vcl, so no need for the dup of that one anymore. So
> a) the psp:: ones definitely go, and
> b) definitely get replaced with the vclenum.hxx ones.
> The sft.hxx stuff on the other hand are from another piece of code that
> got merged into vcl from some third party source IIRC, and describe the
> values used in the truetype font format, I think those values match the
> physical numbers stored in those files so they should, for now anyway,
> get left alone, and the mappings from/to them and the vclenum values
> left alone.
>> why has tools its own WIDTH_ULTRA_CONDENSED?
> hum, wasn't aware of that. The original commit there says "move this
> from vcl to get xmloff free of vcl stuff", so (as a follow up maybe) it
> would seem to make sense to e.g. remove the dups from vclenum.hxx and
> have it include tools/fontenum.hxx to provide those.

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