[Libreoffice] When can we import xml data

Fernand Vanrie sos at pmgroup.be
Wed Apr 13 01:29:29 PDT 2011

Thorsten ,

I am just a humble advanced user, The extentsion from StarXpert is a 
scrumbled jar file.
Its not the Extension who is faulty, its simple a lack of XML import for 
Calc in LO and OO .
Just hoped to find here a coder who can/will make this happen or can 
rewrite the StarXpert java Code into a nex etxtension.

> Fernand Vanrie wrote:
>> For some years there was a Java made extension "StarXpert_XML2Calc"
>> (with limitations)  to Import XML data into Calc. Sinds 3.3 this
>> extention is broken and the French makers seems no longer interested
>> in this project. So please who can made this basic XML import
>> happen.
> Hi Fernand,
> um, best file a (preferrably detailed) bug report - with pointers to
> the source code, what is broken exactly - or maybe you could have a
> look into this yourself?
> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten

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