[Libreoffice] Promoting LibO to Vietnamese students by completing easy hacks

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Tue Apr 19 00:20:53 PDT 2011

Hello Vu Hung,

On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 07:42 +0700, Nguyen Vu Hung (KiEi) wrote:
> "Mùa hè sáng tạo" (MHST 2010)[1] works much like 
> "(Google) Summer of Code" held among Vietnamese and for Vietnamese
> students.
> The reason we have our own version of Gsoc in Vietnam is that
> students' English
> skill is not so good.

I love this kind of ideas! but we need to checkout how to get that
project started.

> As to promote LibO *development* in Vietnam, I would like to ask 
> developers at LibO become a technical co-mentors, and myself will 
> be a co-mentor who bridges the gaps between you and the student(s).

No problem for me to co-mentor on the Writer side. I think we would
achieve better results if the other - vietnamese - mentor is a developer
and not just a translator, but maybe that's what you planned already.

> I will find some students joining the project.

Sure, you need to handle the MHST admin as we can't do it in vietnamese.
Feel free to ping either Fridrich, thorsten or myself if you have
questions as we all were GSoc admins at a point of time.

> Regarding the topics, is that OK if we pick some easy hacks[2][3] 
> on Gsoc idea page?

Sure, but don't go too quickly with the tasks from the GSoc as the
students aren't selected yet. It's better to tell the students to be
careful that some of  those projects may already have been picked. WRT
the EasyHacks, tasks are sorted by difficulty and students should pick
tasks in section 6 - Programming tasks.

> Please get back to me.

Done :D

I wish we could launch a successful project with students in vietnam
thanks to you.


Cédric Bosdonnat
LibreOffice hacker
OOo Eclipse Integration developer

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