[Libreoffice] problem with libereoffice

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Thu Apr 28 07:55:59 PDT 2011

Hi Frederico,

Studio Tecnico Ing. Federico Benedetti wrote (28-04-11 16:39)
> I apologize for what comes from the English automatic translator, so I
> hope to be clear nell'eposizione the problem.

Thanks for writing. This list is however for developers working 
together, not for reporting bugs.

> In LibreOffice calcium is not updated link to external pages when they
> are moved from their original position, which is the case in OpenOffice.
> For example, except for two files in "c: \" file1.ods file2.ods and
> where there are links in file1 to file2 cells, if I move these two files
> in "d: \" link is not updated and must be redone.

Apart from that, I can write you that that bug had been reported in our 
bugtracking system
It must be either this one
or this one

If you want to read some more information about reporting, tracing bugs 
etc. pls go to this page:

Kindest regards,

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