[Libreoffice] [Patch] [PUSHED] Support export of anonymous db data to OOXML

Katarina Machalkova kmachalkova at suse.cz
Fri Apr 29 04:20:37 PDT 2011

> I saw one minor issue though.  When I defined a global range name
> (Insert -> Names -> Define) and saved as Excel 2007 xlsx format, Excel
> 2007 opened the file but said that the content of defined name was
> unreadable & must be repaired.  Could you perhaps look into this?

Just for the record, we found the issue with Marcus (moggi) -- a piece of code 
assigning the value into msSymbol ('Sheet1!$so$me:$ran$ge') was removed in the 
original patch by mistake, and with undefined value, Calc produced something 
like this: 
<definedName function="false" hidden="false" name="mynamedrange" 
which is certainly not a valid piece of OOXML. After re-introducing the code, 
all works again. Pushed the fix to master

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