[Libreoffice] [GSOC][patch] Multiline inputbar

Anurag Jain anuragjainfzd at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 01:13:59 PDT 2011

Hello Kohei,

I prepared the patch and then realized that  you have pushed the
recalculating change, it was taking longer to pull because of some
problem.  Also wanted to inform that I've to leave for college as I've
got convocation on 6th Aug. I'll be back on 7th evening and finish
things up. Also after doing resize of output are I realized following

1: I was setting the height to 3*TBX_WINDOW_HEIGHT thinking to
accommodate 3 lines in the text box. But on resize I got 4 and half
line getting there. So I've decided to change the logic of the
resizing. and I guess this calculation will be proper.

single line mode:
                     Get the width from parent window and minus some
offset from that.
                     height will be TBX_WINDOW_HEIGHT(22) here.
                     the line height comes out to be 14 so we
calculate the nDiff which works as up and down offset as nDiff=(
TBX_WINDOW_HEIGHT - LineHeight)/2 which comes out to be 4.
                       output area is set accordingly as  done in
commit 34c374a69dcce7fe669dedec7eaa36b6c2db4ca5

Multi Line mode:
            Now here what I'm trying to do is the height will be calculated as
              textbox Height= 3* LineHeight + 2* nDiff
 // here we increase the size by amount that of 3 lines plus the up
and down padding which                             remains same.
          And the output area will be set accordingly with a similar
logic as in single line mode.

I'll implement these things after returning from college. Also I'd
like to know how to go about the next step.? Is it going to be
scrollbar implementation or working on refreshing the windows ?

Thanks and regards.

Anurag Jain
Final yr B.Tech CSE
SASTRA University
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