[Libreoffice] All Sun/Oracle code upgraded to LGPLv3?

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Thu Aug 4 07:59:27 PDT 2011


I'm looking into getting postgresql-sdbc working with newer
libreoffice; technically I'm making progress on that front, but the
files have headers like:

 *  The Contents of this file are made available subject to the terms of
 *  either of the following licenses
 *         - GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1
 *         - Sun Industry Standards Source License Version 1.1
 *  Sun Microsystems Inc., October, 2000
 *  The Initial Developer of the Original Code is: Joerg Budischewski
 *   Copyright: 2000 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 *   All Rights Reserved.
 *   Contributor(s): Joerg Budischewski

And the libreoffice pre-commit hooks complain about that. I was
wondering if by any chance there is a general authorisation by Sun /
Oracle that relicenses *all* OpenOffice-related code to LGPLv3 that
would apply _also_ to this code?


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