[Libreoffice] build error unders Windows 7

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Fri Aug 5 07:07:01 PDT 2011


I'm getting the following build error under Windows7.
I'm running the bash shell with Administrator privileges, so it has enough privileges.

Is there something else I need to do, or is there a way to bypass this problem?

Thanks, Noel Grandin.

- start unit test #1 on library ../../../wntmsci12.pro/bin/osl_Security.dll
: &&     PATH=/cygdrive/c/libreoffice/git/libo/clone/ure/sal/wntmsci12.pro/bin:/
../../../wntmsci12.pro/bin/cppunittester ../../../wntmsci12.pro/bin/osl_Security
#Initializing ...
#logonUser function need root/Administrator account to test.
#You can test by login with root/Administrator, and excute:
#testshl2 -forward "username password" ../../../wntmsci9/bin/Security.dll
#      where username and password are forwarded account info.
#if no text forwarded, this function will be skipped.
#Retrived system information is below:
Computer Name:              NOEL
Current User Name:          Noel
Current User Home Directory:file:///C:/Users/Noel/Documents
Current Config Directory:   file:///C:/Users/Noel/AppData/Roaming
Current UserID:             S-1-5-21-3395787511-4075999146-953599952
Current User is:            NOT Administrator.
#Initialization Done.
C:/libreoffice/git/libo/clone/ure/sal/qa/osl/security/osl_Security.cxx(158) : er
ror : Assertion
Test name: osl_Security::getUserIdent::getUserIdent_001
assertion failed
- Expression: ( sal_True == strUserID.equals( strID ) ) && ( sal_True == bRes )
- #test comment#: get UserID and compare it with names got at the beginning of
the test.

Failures !!!
Run: 9   Failure total: 1   Failures: 1   Errors: 0
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 'test1'

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