[Libreoffice] odt->doc conversion (ODT support in Emacs/Orgmode)

Jambunathan K kjambunathan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 00:16:25 PDT 2011

I am a developer adding support for generating OpenDocument Text files
from within Emacs/Orgmode [1]. 

My exporter generates the odt files by dumping xml directly to the
various xml files (i.e, it doesn't rely on any API as such)

I am running in to an issue while converting from odt to Microsoft Word
97 format. The problem is that some sections of the odt file are
differently formatted in word document.

I am attaching three files.

1. lists.org 
   - A text file in Orgmode format. I am attaching this mostly for my
     own future reference. (Bug description can be seen here)

2. lists.odt
   - This file is generated by my own org->odt exporter. The bug
     description (which is seen only with doc file) can be seen in bold.

3. lists.doc

   - This file is generated by doing File->Save As->Microsoft Word
     97/2000/XP(.doc). The description of the bug can be seen in bold
     while opening this file.

     IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important that you close the doc file and
     re-open it all over again within Libre/OpenOffice to see the
     problem behviour.

If someone confirms this as a bug I will file a formal bug report. I
would also appreciate if a temporary workaround is provided in the
meanwhile. (I would prefer workaronds that don't rely on automatic
styles much)

(Please CC me. I am not subscirbed to this list.)

Thanks for your help,
Jambunathan K.


[1] Orgmode defines a structured markup for text files (very similar to
markdown or rst)

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