[Libreoffice] Java debugging

Jenei Gábor jengab at elte.hu
Tue Aug 9 11:32:35 PDT 2011


Could someone help me? I would like to fix a bug with LO Base wizards, I 
found the java source of the wizard,and even I got how to debug it from 
OpenOffice instructions: here 
<http://cedric.bosdonnat.free.fr/wordpress/?p=57> and here 
Eclipse runs well, it stops at my breakpoint, and even I can see som 
variables, actually all the global and static variables, but local 
variables are not shown,and even if I directly enter the name eclipse 
can't resolve it. Does any of you have experiences with java components 
debugging? It would be nice to use it from Eclipse.

thank you: Gabor
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