[Libreoffice] Problem with dev-install on windows

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Wed Aug 10 02:32:46 PDT 2011

Hi Dmitry,

On 2011-08-10 at 12:39 +0400, Dmitry. A. Ashkadov wrote:

> > make dev-install is not really working on Windows. I tried to get it 
> > to do something useful some time ago, but haven't finished that. 
> Is it impossible to develop LO on Windows?

Oh, I'm not saying such at thing, it is of course possible :-)

Just make dev-install is not working there; instead you need to create
an install set, and use that; and in case of changes, copy the files
around.  The dev-install that is possible on Linux makes the development
more convenient by using links to the build tree, so every time you
compile in the build tree, the dev-install'd tree immediately uses the
newly built stuff.


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