[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] Series of fixes and migration to One Git for contrib/dev-tools/ubuntu-jenkins

Henrik Jensen hrikjsenvagt-lo at yahoo.dk
Mon Aug 15 15:40:56 PDT 2011

>Hi Henrik,
>great work, all pushed!


>As my local setup moved quite a bit from the stuff I originally
>uploaded, I did not update the scripts there yet. Feel free to
>commit to the dev-tools repo directly, improving the jenkins setup
>even more would be awesome!

I appreciate the trust Bjoern :-), but I don't have an freedesktop.org/Libreoffice account yet.
I've have only been following the lo-dev project (actively) in a few weeks so I don't think my
very low seniority status would entitle me to commit rights on the source tree.
(AFAIK I can't get partial commit right to contrib/dev-tools/ubuntu-jenkins)
Besides, my git skills are still on the Mickey Mouse level, so I would be a bit
fearful 'Goofying' around the source tree ;-).

Though I do hope to make some contribution (aside from ubuntu-jenkins) later on.
I have thought of some auto-genereated IDE project files (eclipse, netbeans xml stuff) just
for browsing the source files (not for compiling), generated from parsing 'make -np' dryruns.
Later when I feel more comfortable with the code, I hope to be able to use (resurrect ?)
the old GSOC 2006 project http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/BASIC/UNO_Object_Browser
as a stepping stone for pursuing  an old dream of adding (at least some primitive kind of)
code-completion functionality to the star-basic editor.




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