[Libreoffice] Class Time and its funny ideas about time

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Tue Aug 16 07:50:58 PDT 2011

Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	Huh - it is -extremely- valuable to do global cleans that remove
> unpleasant and hard-to-grok implementations from the code.

> Just using the latest/newest/trendiest 'time' class from A.B.C.
> place de jour in new code is a(nother) maintenance nightmare
> waiting to happen :-) we've had enough of that in the codebase.
It's a way to move forward today, without having to fix Time & break
master quite horribly (or adding a different set of methods to

> 	I like Lubos' attitude. Quite possibly we should have an easy hack to
> re-work the time code everywhere (along with adding suitable
> unit-tests).
Agreed, but beside my point. The question was whether Time should be
fixed - what I said is that prolly Time is beyond fixing. ;)


-- Thorsten
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