[Libreoffice] Rectangle width

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Wed Aug 17 14:08:58 PDT 2011

Dmitry. A. Ashkadov wrote:
> I found out that class Rectangle contains two different finctions
> getWidth() and GetWidth(). The first returns wrong value.
Hi Dmitry - yes, the two different methods are surely confusing. As
for the "wrong value", that very much depends on the mental model of
rectangles you're using. In a discrete geometry world (aka "pixel"),
the GetWidth() is correct. In a continuous geometry world (aka
"euclidean plane"), getWidth() is right.

This fundamental, conceptual difference is the historical reason for
the two methods (admittedly, not a very clean solution to the


-- Thorsten
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