[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Aug 18 08:36:34 PDT 2011

* Present:
	+ Norbert, David, Rainer, Bjoern, Kendy, Kohei,
	  Caolan, Petr, Cedric, Lubos, Michael, Mitch

+ Completed Action Items:
        + get SmartArt interop. feature into master (Thorsten)
        + easy hacks - completion / fixing (Bjoern)
		+ looks pretty: eg.
        + submit conference papers:
                + Cedric
                        + GSOC update - double-slot
                        + what's next in writer
        + enable Kendy's Windows tinderbox again (Kendy)
		+ ~done, master builds there nicely again
		+ gnumake fallout still causing fun
	+ promulgate pencil down dates (Cedric)
	+ fix bogus / obsolete download DNS record (Thorsten)
		+ moved the source tarballs to a better place.

+ Pending Action Items:
        + mail bugzilla query wrt. regression to dev list (Michael)
        + in-progress: script that downloads the git sources for you (Norbert)
	+ submit conference paper: onegit / tinderbox (Norbert)
        + enable on-line updates for QA for dailies ... (Kendy)
        + dig up the SFLC AL2/LGPLv3+ header (Michael)
	+ New extensions website: publish / tdf blog (Thorsten)
	+ non-TDF branding technical question(s) (Thorsten)

* Agenda items
	+ pending action items

	+ ccache fun (Lubos)
		+ enabled by default, unless --enable-symbols ?
		+ can we get the cache size and adapt to that ?
AA:		+ decided: check for size of cache at configure default,
		  1Gb ok unless --enable-symbols, then 5Gb (Norbert)

	+ gerrit update / demo (Bjoern / Norbert)
		+ impressive piece of software
		+ basically a web front-end to setup a git branch
			+ log-in / no account required: openID
				+ up-load ssh key to web interface
			+ after that everything is do-able from the command-line
				+ with e-mail notifications
		+ workflow:
			+ each newbie push to the gerrit git branch is to a review queue
			+ buildbots can run vs. that branch
			+ submitters can push to proposal queue of gerrit.
			+ as easy as ML if not easier
		+ lots of things for us, are possible ...
		+ patch submit flow - web/up-load to gerrit
			+ cherry-pick by reviewer / close web interface.
		+ Jenkins integration possible
			+ builds can be triggered via git (hence gerrit) commits
AA:		+ get Bjoern setup with a vhost for gerrit (Thorsten / Christian)
AA:		+ setup a gerrit test repo (Bjoern)
			+ needs a nice MPL/LGPLv3+ 'ack' as we create an account.

	+ git commit hook over-complexity (Norbert)
		+ removed doxygen check for now (over-complicated)
		+ only checking for whitespace currently.
		+ .po file commit editing on the fly
AA:			- dangerous /should only be in translations if at all (Timar)

	+ bug fixes - most annoying for 3.4.x
		+ bikesheding ... endless thread, wait for concreteness.

	+ gutting openssl for NSS wherever it is found is ok ?
		+ agreed !
		+ ideal work - easiest starter to fix is OOXML import encryption
AA:		+ poke Marc (Michael)

	+ update template for (C) headers ... [Thorsten]
		- add conflict markers and good.

	+ GSOC update (Cedric)
		+ coding almost done (by end of week)
		+ ensure all students have pushed their code to master & is
		+ evaluation to be done from 22nd - 26th.
		+ Aug 25th
			+ update your T-shirt size & address, or look silly !
		+ Matus - nice gnumake / acceleration & misc. pieces
		+ Xisco - python ported from java - going nicely, merging soon
		+ Tibby - Visio stuff looking very sweet indeed
		+ Miklos - nice RTF import filter in master, beautiful work
			+ will enable filter as default & bin old filter
			  when flyframes are done & copy+paste tested
			+ nightmares with importing into existing doc
			  with styles (the paste & file-insert cases)
AA:			+ check and enable new RTF import in master by default (Cedric)
		+ Marco - lovely SVG export for impress, nearly better than flash
		+ Timo - useful wikihelp to windows help conversion work
		+ Anurag - lots of nasty issues with input bar, task unfortunately
			   much harder than anticipated
		+ we hope to see these continue to be polished
AA:			+ and look forward to subsidising students' trips
			  to LibOCon Paris.

	+ release engineering (Petr)
		+ 3.3.5 timeline
			+ RC1 - deadline beginning of October
			+ the last ever (planned) bug-fix release of 3.3.x
		+ 3.4.3 status
			+ up-loading rc1 / being pushed to mirrors
			+ pleasing reduction of most annoying bug count to 30
			+ hoping for fewer commits post rc1

	+ QA pieces (Rainer)
		+ can we close the mailmerge tracker ? (or de-most-annoying it)
AA:			+ yes: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34184 (Rainer)
		+ bug voting bug (uh?)
			+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39739
			+ should we have the voting feature at all ?
			+ can be useful for new hackers wanting to find things (Kohei)
			+ general consensus against it
			+ seeing crash-reporter duplicates can help (Bjoern)
			+ potential setup for dissappointment wrt. unrealistic bugs (Norbert)
			+ unreliable metric, vote and metric gaming already seen.
AA:			+ close wontfix please (Rainer)
		+ co-ordination with SUSE QA guy
			+ no full-time SUSE QA bug triage guy (from now)
			+ YiFan working on QA tooling etc.
		+ wiki, statistics: pretty picture at:
			+ interesting graphs - trends - more graphs.
			+ OO.o bugzilla activity descending
				+ 60 bug changes per day one year ago,
			+ LibreOffice
				+ currently 50-100 bug changes per day
				+ higher activity than OO.o had
AA:		+ up-load a graph of comparative bugzilla activity (Rainer)
		+ helpful bugzilla links:
			+ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport_Details
			+ as workarounds to existing situation
		+ research ongoing into our own bugzilla
			+ currently not vast problems with sticking with it.

	+ Other business
		+ updating (non-default/official) extensions in 3.4.x branch ? (Petr)
			+ breaks feature freeze, extreme ambivalence
			+ no objections to updating, why are they there in
			  the 1st place (Caolan)
			+ extensions: can do odd things, chart bug only with
			  report builder enabled - concerning (Kohei)
			+ after rc1 - so not in favour for now (Kendy)
			+ perhaps it affects Rene (not here)
			+ resolved: allow it on libreoffice-3-4 branch (post
			  3.4.3) if people really, really are not using them (Bjoern)
		+ 3.4.3 password protection problem (Norbert)
			+ 3.5.x uses stronger encryption, and files cannot be
			  opened in 3.4.3 with terribly unhelpful message
AA:			+ need to look into it for 3.4.next (Caolan)
				+ improve the error dialog at least

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