[Libreoffice] Bug 38882 - [EasyHack] Make it easier to select/deselect UI languages in the Windows installer

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Mon Aug 22 08:49:26 PDT 2011

> There isn't really any other source files than the transform itself.
> The transform is an encoded XML file 

Hmm, OK, so it isn't a relational database like .msi files. 

> and I don't know of a way to
> decompile it. There are some tools that can decompile Windows
> Installer files but not transforms. 

> What tool did you use to create the Windows Installer files?

They are created from .idt files (textual source/dump format for the relational database tables in the .msi) using msidb etc. These .idt files are created from information in the scp2 module, and then the .idt files are processed by the MSI tools in the Windows SDK. All this done and run by a pile of Perl in solenv/bin/make_installer.pl, and the Perl modules that it includes. Note that "we" (LibreOffice) did not design this, this is all stuff that has a very long history in OOo.
Couldn't we just create the installer database (the .msi) with your transform (suitably modified) pre-applied? So that if the installer is run with any of these GERMAN, SWEDISH etc parameters set, then that is used to decide what UI languages to install (and any IS9999 parameters are ignored).


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