[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] patch for Bug 39468 - translate German comments, removing redundant ones

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Aug 23 09:18:16 PDT 2011

Hi Florian,

On Mon, 2011-08-22 at 21:52 +0200, Florian Allmann-Rahn wrote:
> I have attached a patch for Bug 39468 "translate German comments, removing redundant ones"
> for the directories (in core) accessibility to (incl.) basemp. So in these directories
> there should be no more German comments after applying the patch.

	Wow - this is -really- nice work :-) thank you !

> This is my first contribution to Libreoffice development and my first mail to this list,
> so I'm not used to all the processes here.

	You're doing great - often we'd write [PATCH] in the subject, which
encourages people to review it (unless there is a [PUSHED] in reply like
this mail), but otherwise you got everything right - nice git
format-patch output, easy to review, smooth to apply - lovely.

> I hope that my patch still works and is useful at all. I've just read about
> that on the EasyHacks-wikipage and thought I could do that to get a first
> idea of Libreoffice development. So I've sent my work now even if I've not
> finished so many directories yet to avoid that I've spent much time on
> something that maybe might not even be needed after all.

	No worries - this work is really useful - especially when it is
complete for a given directory - and you've cleaned up some nice big
pieces. I assume you're using Miklos' bin/find-german-comments script ?

> But if it's useful, I'll keep on working on German-comments-translating
> and -removing and will regularly send you my work.

	Wonderful; incidentally - we ask people to specify that their code
changes are under the MPL/LGPLv3+ dual-license - as we hope to go in
this direction in future, can you confirm that ? (it saves time to have
it with each patch mail).

> Thank you for an amazing program anyway!

	Hey - your thanks is much appreciated, especially as it comes in the
form of code.

	Looking forward to your next move :-)


 michael.meeks at novell.com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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