[Libreoffice] patch for Bug 39468 - translate German comments, removing redundant ones

Florian Allmann-Rahn F.Allmann-Rahn at gmx.de
Mon Aug 22 12:52:29 PDT 2011

Hey everybody,

I have attached a patch for Bug 39468 "translate German comments, removing redundant ones" for the directories (in core) accessibility to (incl.) basemp. So in these directories there should be no more German comments after applying the patch.


This is my first contribution to Libreoffice development and my first mail to this list, so I'm not used to all the processes here.
I hope that my patch still works and is useful at all. I've just read about that on the EasyHacks-wikipage and thought I could do that to get a first idea of Libreoffice development. So I've sent my work now even if I've not finished so many directories yet to avoid that I've spent much time on something that maybe might not even be needed after all.
But if it's useful, I'll keep on working on German-comments-translating and -removing and will regularly send you my work.

If my patch or mail or whatever is somehow wrong I'd be pleased if you excuse that and rather help me to improve - maybe I've messed something up with git as I've never used it before.

Thank you for an amazing program anyway!

Florian Allmann-Rahn
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