[Libreoffice] ms import of ocx/userform controls

Noel Power nopower at novell.com
Thu Aug 25 01:26:58 PDT 2011

On 13/07/11 21:50, Noel Power wrote:
> In an effort to reduce some confusing duplication I have started to 
> try and 'retire' various parts of filter code that are duplicated. For 
> some time now import of ole userform controls has been using the new 
> filter code in oox but the import of those same controls ( when not 
> appearing in a userform ) has been using the old filter code in 
> filters/source/msfilter/msocximex.cxx.
> note: a similar situation also exists for import of vba projects and 
> code, there is a new vbaproject filter in oox but still in some places 
> the old filter ( at least afaik for impress ) is used. It would be 
> really nice to get rid of that old code too.

I just deleted quite a sizable hunk of code ( ~6000 lines ) from master 
( see 
), mainly removing the old filter import code for controls and similarly 
removing the import part of the vba project filter. Please be on the 
lookout for regressions here, I did test and all seems good but.. you 
never know.
I have already noticed that export of ole controls is broken on master, 
not sure if this is related to the changes above or the previous changes 
to use the new ole control importer, I doubt these changes are 
responsible. Anyway I'm looking at it and am close to finding why it is 


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