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Thu Aug 25 01:13:30 PDT 2011

enable/disable them. For details see gdb help for "info pretty-printer",
"enable pretty-printer" and "disable pretty-printer".

== How can I contribute? ==

If you want to know more, read the sources: all the pretty printers
reside in solenv/gdb/libreoffice, split into files by library name. The
template used for generating auto-loaders is in
solenv/gdb/autoload.template. There are not many comments, but hopefully
the code is clear enough. If you have ideas/patches, send them to me (or
commit them directly--just try to follow the conventions).

I have a "test" suite of a kind, loading pretty printers for a given
library and trying to print various kinds of stuff, that I am going to
push into contrib/dev-tools repo soon. Even if it is not fully
automated, as it relies on the observer's eyes to spot problems, I found
tens of bugs thanks to it. I therefore kindly ask any contributors to
add test examples to this suite for any new pretty printer.

== Questions / praise / bashing? ==

I do hope I have made this clear, but, from experience, I do not really
believe it... So feel free to ask any questions :)


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